Do small things with great LOVE!

As the first full week of the new year begins, we reflect on the many moments we’ve had over the last year! The first couple of months began slowly, but as the spring and summer months approached, the wedding season began, keeping us busy! We also formed a relationship with a wonderful and forward thinking company - Tycoon Events. Together, we can offer a sustainable and environmentally conscious option for their clients. Repurposing flowers from the many events that they put together not only reduces waste, but also means more smiles, hugs and thank-yous from those that received all those beautiful flowers! Friends gathered at our first annual fundraiser - a wonderful evening was had by all. We thank all those that volunteered, donated and participated in our evening! We also had the opportunity to attend our first wedding fair, allowing us to bring awareness to the many brides to be. We were touched by the love and enthusiasm and look forward to working with them as their special day approaches. This past Fall we celebrated our second anniversary and by the end of 2018, over 3000 bouquets were delivered to many different facilities throughout the city! An amazing year! Thank you to everyone that helped in whatever way...we are truly grateful! ♥️

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